Travel policy is a multiple-line insurance policy

Travel insurance provides financial help in emergency situations during travelling. Best travel insurance covers expenses medical or non-medical.   It ensures safe and problem-free trip.

Some insurance also covers Covid-19. In such a situation if you or your family member is diagnosed with the disease, you will be compensated by the policy.     If your baggage is delayed due to some reason, the travel policy will pay for the cost of things that are necessary like clothes, medicine. The policy will compensate for any additional lose caused due to delay of flights for more than 12 days.

Option or Add-on covers help you to customize your travel insurance plan.  This will protect you from certain risks that are not covered by other travel policy.

Travel insurance portability is now offered by several travel insurance policies. This helps you to switch to any other policy without losing the benefits of your previous policy. This process requires various steps and you must inform your insurer at least 1 month before the process.

Financial loss due trip cancellation cause by sickness, injury or death in family is covered by this policy. Covers medical expenses, if you fall sick while travelling. Provides cover against loss of your passport or baggage. Emergency evacuations happen due to terrorist activities or natural calamities, travel expenses are covered in such situations.